NYC Travel Tips with Jack Reynolds

Businessman by day and fashion blogger by night, Jack Reynolds travelled to NYC in his favourite Bared kicks – we asked him for his top ten travel tips!

1. There is more than just Manhattan

New York has a lot more to offering including Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. I highly, highly recommend venturing out to Brooklyn, particularly Williamsburg. Brooklyn is a very hip and fashion forward area.

2. Rooftop drinks

Open/green spaces may be scarce, but endless rooftop bars is what I call a fair trade. Better yet, whether it’s 7pm on a Monday night or 5pm on a Friday, the rooftop bar culture is pumping (perfect for those, like me, who enjoy a cheeky cocktail on holidays). I recommend checking out the Wythe Hotel, Pod 39 Rooftop, The Press Lounge or Arlo Rooftop.

Bared Footwear X Jack Reynolds - NYC Travel Tips
Minimal and clean – our ‘Neon’ sneakers up your tourist game.

3. Walk the walk

The best way to check out the City of Dreams is to immerse in the hustle and bustle and either walk or catch the subway. Google maps (not sponsored :P) makes this super convenient with concise set of instructions to get from A to B.

4. Pizza, Hot Dogs, Pizza and Hot Dogs

You can’t come to New York without diving head first into copious amounts of Pizza and Hot Dogs. Perfect if you’re on the hunt for a quick pitstop, cheap bite to eat or on the way home after a big night. I recommend 2 Bros Pizza for something extremely cheap (99 cent bargain!).

Bared Footwear X Jack Reynolds - NYC Travel Tips
Look both ways before crossing! Jack rocks our ‘Titanium’ chelsea boots with his double denim look.

5. Coffee

Gone are the days of yuck percolator coffee, or cup of joe as Americans call it. If you’re looking for a sweet cafe with a strong ambiance, I recommend Ludlow Coffee Supply, Variety Coffee Roasters and Happy Bones. If you want to be all Aussie and that, check out Sweatshop or Banter.

6. Check out a ball game

Whether it’s Football, Basketball, Baseball or Ice Hockey, New Yorkers are crazy about sports! For me, I love getting amongst the atmosphere of the die hard fans. Most of the fun usually happens in the bleachers so don’t feel the need to fork out a tonne of money for an overpriced ticket.

Our ‘Gallium’ derby in stone nubuck – works with shorts too!

7. Markets

New York is full of amazing flea markets. Chelsea Market is a staple and loaded with fashion items and delicious food options. If you can walk out of here empty handed and hungry, trust me, you’ve done well! I recommend grabbing some taco sliders and pastries.

8. Coney Island

Maybe one of New York’s most underrated spots. Make sure you visit Coney Island, walk the boardwalk, eat hot dogs (the best!) and visit the beaches.

Bared Footwear X Jack Reynolds - NYC Travel Tips
Jack enjoying himself in our ‘Mercury’ penny loafers.

9. For the “Gram”

As the saying goes “pics or it didn’t happen”. There’s no limit to incredible spots and locations in the Big Apple for photo opportunities. Make sure if you’re out for most of the day you pack light and wear comfortable [Bared] shoes. I recommend the Brooklyn Bridge (sunset), Soho, Top of the Rock, Flatiron Building, Greenwich Village (yep, pretty much everywhere).

Bared Footwear X Jack Reynolds - NYC Travel Tips
Does it get any more New York than this? Jack wears our ‘Tungsten’ double monks with the New York Times in hand.

10. Final ‘Tip’ (literally)

Tipping – a term most Australians are familiar with but may not be experienced with. Tipping in New York, and the US more broadly, is always expected. This is probably the most annoying thing about New York (other than the current exchange rate!) as tipping can circle around the 20% mark. My tip (pun intended) is to keep some small notes on you at all times to avoid that awkward situation.

Yours truly,


All photography by @callme.harry

Bared Footwear X Jack Reynolds - NYC Travel Tips
Pit stop! Our ‘Radium’ lace up boots finishing up this casual tourist look.
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