Behind the scenes of our ‘Different’ shoot.

Beautiful people and beautiful shoes make for a stunning photo but as we are constantly talking about the Bared ‘Difference’ we thought that we would add a little bit of something different to last weeks shoot with some headpieces designed by the talented costume designer Ingrid Beilharz.

Anna Baird

Our talented team consisted of: Sam Wines who curates our men’s instagram account and just happens to double as a model whenever we need him, Superstar stylist Ross McCallum who is also a Bared employee and can be found fitting our shoes in store regularly and the stunningly beautiful Tess Shanahan who’s legs appear often through our social media accounts. We needed some extra men’s legs so we were pretty excited when at the last minute we managed to find a friend of a friend Jay Bhattacharya who just happened to be a seasoned model as well. Alex had her first go at taking some campaign shots and I think she did a mighty fine job.

This BTS video is thanks to the talented Thomas Hyland from Clones and Clones.

Bared Footwear

bared footwear

Bared Footwear
You can see how impressed the boys were with their masks 🙂

Our models couldn’t see or breath under the masks, and it did seem criminal to cover those gorgeous heads. I don’t really know why, but every time the masks went on I completely lost it with laughter. I think it was one of those times when you had to have been there.

Bared Footwear

Portsea put on some beautiful weather and Frankie lapped it up (literally).

Bared FootwearBared Footwear

Bared Footwear


Ross McCallum

Bared Footwear Portsea

The actual campaign shots will be launched alongside our new website this week.


Anna x

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