A little bit of cute in every shoot!

I was cleaning out some of my old files the other day when I came across this photo of Frankie as a puppy taken in the Toorak store just before I opened it in 2008. In some ways it seems like yesterday that this picture was taken and in other ways it seems like a lifetime ago. We bought Frankie on a whim one day a few weeks before I opened the store. He spent the first year of his life in shop and proved a handy draw card to passers by.

Since this first photoshoot Frankie has proven a very handy prop for photographing shoes. He is at the right level to add a little bit of cute to every shoot!

These are some Frankie’s appearances in the Bared photo shoots.

A word of warning. These are the best dogs in the world but for those of you about to head out and find a puppy for yourselves make sure you take out a good pet insurance policy. We know all about this as poor little Frankie had to have spinal surgery a few months ago!

My Sausage Dog obsession has also found its way into other areas of my home.

I am constantly gluing these books ends back together but I do love them even if they are not sturdy like a book end should be.
Even my crafty collage for Gilbert’s room when he was tiny featured a sausage!


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