Welcome to my first blog post. It has taken me so long to get on board with the idea of writing a blog that I don’t quite know where to begin. I think that I will just start with what we have been up to at Bared in the past few weeks.

New autumn VM in the window.  Alex spent the morning in the window organising it all and I was told that she was so cute that I should make her stand in the window all day.

We were somewhat organized for a street styled photo shoot when my photographers wife had a baby, so we decided to give it a try ourselves.

The gorgeous George did a great job modelling. Pity we had the wrong lens on the camera, but you get the idea.

My little Dachshund Frankie helped us out on the day as well.

Busy choosing some gorgeous leathers at the moment. More on that soon.


Anna Baird


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